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Our Lips Are Sealed is a cover of an original song performed by Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie. It was released in 2004 on Hilary's album A Cinderella Story.

The song was released in two countries:

  • Australia: 8th
  • Canada: 7th



Can you hear them?

They talk about us.


Telling lies

Well, that's no surprise.


Can you see them?

See right through them.


They have no shield

No Secrets to reveal.



It doesn't matter what they say.

In the jealous games people play.

Hey, Hey, Hey.

Our Lips Are Sealed.


There's a weapon.

Which we must use.


In our defense silence.


Spreading Rumors

So far from true.


Dragged up from the underworld.

Just like some precious pearl.

[Back to Chorus]


Pay no mind to what they say

It doesn't matter anyway.

Our Lips Are Sealed.


Hush my darlin'.


Don't you cry.


Cryin' angels.


Forget their lies.

[Back to the top, stop before Hilary's part and after the Chorus]


Pay no mind to what they say.


It doesn't matter anyway. Hey, Hey, Hey.


Our Lips Are Sealed [3x]

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